New words in English Dictionary

Raju : (n.) Human species who exist as either gentlemen or conmen and are hard to distinguish unless they come out in the open.

(v.) The act of riding a tiger and then getting off it, either in a circus or elsewhere

example: ‘The kid who visited  the zoo was adamant on Raju-ing but its parents instead offered him their own back to ride on’

Gilani : (n.) Descendants of Chameleons now existing as human species, characterized by asking for proof even from their moms that they are actually born to them.

Also exist as – Zardari, Qureshi, Sharif etc.

(v.) The act of  demanding proof  that there actually exists a fire for every smoke.


Raju and his wrong Oyes !!

Ramalinga Raju renames his company – MITHYAM COMPUTERS LTD.

Ramalinga renamed as Ravanlinga !

For Investors, Ramalinga Raju now becomes – Haramilinga Raju (Harami, according to, is a thief or burglar)

For CA firms, he remains – Bhramalinga Raju (Bhram = Illusion)

For media, undoubtedly he is – Dramalinga Raju

And for SEBI – Ramalinga Raju is now Mara-linga Raju

For  the audit industry he is now Trauma-linga Raju

Indian IT Industry Sharamalinga raju. because usne sabko shraminda kar diya!

For Investors, PriceWaterhouse Coopers now becomes – Pee Gaye Lassi (Pee as in To Gulp Down)

For CA firms, they become – Chhee WC

SEBI is looking for PW No See

And for poor Satyam employees, PW Flew the Coopers

What about PriceWaterhouse Poopers!

Even PriceWaterhouse Stoopers and PriceWaterhouse Bloopers are not bad alternatives.

Some more quotes:

“Bhaagte chor ko Raju hi sahi…..”

“Raju…..yeh andar ki baat hai!” (Most appropriate)

Raju…..yeh to bada wrong-doing hai….!”