‘Poet’ic Justice

See the picture carefully. It shows a corpulent, disgruntled looking man with a constipated kind of face, wearing a sunflower yellow T-shirt with a rather ominous message printed on it.



OF SHIT  !!!


Now my question is…who is this Be-Rhyme (बेरहम) man? Why does he want the poets to rot in such a putrid concoction? Why does he laugh in SUCH a rude way? I know many of you may secretly agree with his way of justice…still we must deliberate on a lot of things.

W-TAW.TAO  will take a principled stand on the matter after the discussions are over and done with.



Cinderella story today – retold by her step sisters.

We are two sisters with normal feminine look with hair without peroxide bleach. We lived with our stepsister called Cinderella. Because of space problem in our 2 BHK suburban apartment, we had to ask her to sleep in the kitchen near the microwave. She was fond of piercing and tattoos and her looks- critics would say as “mirror cracking material”.  In her pastime, our mom blogged and solved soduku online.

Vicky, son of the local MLA, who was also a millionaire, once threw a dance party. He was a handsome hunk and we were all excited to meet him. Cinderella opted out, in spite of several persuasions from us.

We rocked the first night along, drinking and dancing. There was a charming girl in a skimpy miniskirt, whom no one could recognize, but Vicky noticed her and immediately got smitten. Next night, Vicky  noticed her glass stilettos. He quickly googled in his iphone and found one such shoe was sold recently on e-bay. The girl vanished before he could catch her.

Next morning, Vicky announced that he would marry the girl who would produce the e-bay email confirmation for the stilettos. He also promised an apartment on Malabar Hill, a Porsche Baxter and 24x 7 domestic help. Same day, we found e-bay in our PC’s browsing history. On insistence, we learnt that Cinderella won a prize for an online soduku competition and she was entitled for a Chauffeur driven limo for a night plus a lifetime free Platinum credit card! Cinderella ordered exotic D&G outfits and a Prada clutch online and booked the car for the weeknight.

Later we found that the soduku was actually solved by our mom !