‘Poet’ic Justice

See the picture carefully. It shows a corpulent, disgruntled looking man with a constipated kind of face, wearing a sunflower yellow T-shirt with a rather ominous message printed on it.



OF SHIT  !!!


Now my question is…who is this Be-Rhyme (बेरहम) man? Why does he want the poets to rot in such a putrid concoction? Why does he laugh in SUCH a rude way? I know many of you may secretly agree with his way of justice…still we must deliberate on a lot of things.

W-TAW.TAO  will take a principled stand on the matter after the discussions are over and done with.


New Stunning Ghajini pics unearthed…

Aamir's BathroomAamir's shoesbodybuilder2

Click on the pics to get the bigger picture.

These secret pics were unearthed by WTWTAO journalists during a secret visit to the sets.

The third pic was taken by a hidden cam in Aamir’s dressing room.  Sometime last year, he had accidentally taken an overdose of dope!

The second pic is that of a pair of shoes worn by Aamir Khan. Apparently, TGIF stands for ‘Toe Goes In First’.  Aamir was so soaked up in the character that he had to be freqently reminded of wearing shoes the right way.  Finally an exasperated Murugadoss painted TGIF on his shoes…..

The first pic is even more stunning. This is a secret photograph of Aamir’s bathroom. During the shoot, some spot boys noticed Aamir smelling like shit, inspite of the oodles of cologne that he poured on himself. Murugadoss, a clever director that he is, soon found out why. Taking no chances, Murugadoss painted  “Don’t forget 2 wipe ur….” on the bathroom wall opposite the WC…..