Q: What is WTAWTAO ?

A: WTAWTAO stands for When There’s a Will, There’s A Oye !

Q: What is desicompunny ?

A: It’s a Indigenous (desi) company of people who think they can pun.

Q: What is the purpose of WTAWTAO ?

A: To have some humour in life. Read the psychology on RHS of the blog.

Q: Don’t you guys have anything better to do ?

A: Obviously, NO.

Q: Are all your posts original ?

A: Most of them are. Otherwise source are mentioned wherever available.

Q: Most of you authors are male. Are you guys sexist ?

A: Absolutely not.  We guys just ‘exist’ without the s.  It’s a group blog and there are humorist female members as well. It’s just that all are not active at the same time.

Q:  Do you realize most of your posts are offensive ?

A: Yes. It’s very difficult to create humour withour offending someone or the other. We know that our posts may end up offending an individual, a group, city, country or the global population in general. We can’t help much.

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