IPL PJ series : # 1

WARNING: Parental guidance advised.

Lalit Modi was home after such a long time. What to do ? The IPL had kept him so busy that he couldn’t do anything else. Somehow, he managed a few hours and that pleased his wife immensely.

“You have been home after such a long time. Lets make this night memorable!”, wife said

“Sure! Sure! Why not?”, Lalit replied excitedly

So the passionate night started and the first few minutes of foreplay were quite like the powerplay in the T20. It was going great guns and the couple were heading for a hard hitting finish, when suddenly Lalit withdrew and that left his wife astonished, annoyed and frustrated.

Pushing him hard, she shouted – “What the hell was that?? We were heading for a wonderful orgasm. Why did you suddenly put a brake?”

Lalit replied – “Strategy Break baby! Lets see how we can make this better. Hmmm.. Why don’t you try this..”

Needless to say the wife thought it better that the husband returned home after IPL season 2 after he had reviewed the Strategy Breaks.


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