‘Poet’ic Justice

See the picture carefully. It shows a corpulent, disgruntled looking man with a constipated kind of face, wearing a sunflower yellow T-shirt with a rather ominous message printed on it.



OF SHIT  !!!


Now my question is…who is this Be-Rhyme (बेरहम) man? Why does he want the poets to rot in such a putrid concoction? Why does he laugh in SUCH a rude way? I know many of you may secretly agree with his way of justice…still we must deliberate on a lot of things.

W-TAW.TAO  will take a principled stand on the matter after the discussions are over and done with.


3 Responses

  1. that’s it… we are POETS not POO-ETS…

    this yellow t-shirt wearing son of a maggot ridden camel will die a painful death

  2. I don’t know whether its an aberration in the pic but I see him smeared with shit himself.

  3. Quite clearly he has been reading lots of shitty poetry off late. I believe this man is actually a toilet cleaner.
    I know of a website where, if this man is subjected to read superior poetry of an acclaimed poet, for a prolonged period, he will be cured of his T-shit.
    Oh Shit! The acclaimed poet is ……….:(

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