Statue of ‘Liberty’!

Statue of 'Liberty'!

*Appropriate Captions Please*


8 Responses

  1. You already have the best one as the title , and I am not able to come up with something really innovative


    1. Hitting below the belt..literally!
    2. (Assuming he is using Nokia) ‘Connecting People’

    . …hmmmm .. thinking! (BRB)

  2. “I Feel Pretty..”

    BTW, You got the best Doc !! 🙂

  3. 1. “Hello Tom, I won the bet ! I got the darn cop kiss my ass.”

    2. Hello….what? No miss i don’t think I need a credit card or a car loan. A towel will suffice for the moment”.

    3. Helo Martha?…….What !!?!!…… This is not what you meant when you said “show your testimonials to as many people as you can to get noticed ?”


  4. And Shakarotti, next time onward. Please keep your pictures ‘untitled’ give a chance to others 🙂


    “finally… someone’s testing my testicular fortitude… this is a great source of hapPENIS to me… i could get aDICKted to this…”


    “why did i lunge like that… now i need two cartons of PRICKly heat powder”

  6. Agreed agreed. Nothing to beat the current title.
    My feeble attempt at titling is 🙂

    Eureka I found ek(ro)police!

  7. Rofl stuff from all 😀

    “Aila Pakya…..mein idhar re….”

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